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train naturally

Train naturally

Here at skillworx, you get natural training tools for the most natural kind of strength training - call it calisthenics, bodyweight or gymnastics training.

Handmade Premium Quality

Our calisthenics training equipment is mostly handmade. You can see and feel the outstanding quality in each and every detail.

FSC Certified Wood

Let's be honest: Wood is by far superior to other kinds of materials when it comes to touching it. For the production of our tools, we just use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood from Europe, which has been produced in an environmentally sustainable way.

Let our customers speak:

Oh my word. My parallettes are a work of art. Pride of place in my home fitness space. How did I ever not have them? The amount of plastic / auto manufactured and expensive fitness rubbish that have arrived over the years to be returned or to sit unused in a corner of the garage. The difference could not possibly be greater.

Martin from Poole, UK

The most comfortable and skid-proof hard training session I ever had on parallettes!

Chris von "No Retreat, No Surrender" Calisthenics, Dieburg, Deutschland

Somebody gave some serious thoughts to this topic! The stability is much higher than I initially thought. I weigh more than 90kg and I can balance on a single parallette without even hearing a slight creaking - it is even possible to jump on them, even though they are pretty high.

Peter from Vienna, Austria

Phenomenal! The parallettes made by skillworx are perfectly suitable for my range of application: Handstands, planks, etc. The diameter of the grips couldn't be any better, they are very stable and easy to assemble. An all around well-thought product.

Enrico from QualityLifeSports.com, Lübeck, Germany

The parallettes were delivered in record time, are super-easy to assemble, very stable, look great and are perfectly suitable for my training sessions!

Alex from Kittsee, Austria

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