About skillworx

Train naturally

skillworx Arrowskillworx offers premium fitness equipment made of wood, developed and produced in Austria, to get the most out of your bodyweight-, calisthenics-, or movement-based workouts. No matter whether you are about to work on your first pushup or if you are about to bring your freestanding handstand pushups to perfection: The equipment made by skillworx and the know-how, which you can find at skillworx.at will support you on your path to your personal next level.


Who is skillworx?


Currently, skillworx is a one-man show, pushed by Matthias, who is also supported by his family and friends (THANK YOU!!) with their feedback, ideas and man hours. Matthias has always been an allround sportsman - during his youth, he was playing tennis and badminton and competed in jujitsu, during his years of study and until today, he got more and more attracted to the mountains, especially to ski touring, climbing and mountaineering.
Classic strength conditioning using dumbbells and machines used to be part of his basic training routine for many years. In 2004, he got in contact with bodyweight / calisthenics training - and he luckily could not stop until today! Since then, he is trying to figure out if there are any exercises out there, performed on complex and expensive fitness machines or using dumbbells, which cannot be replaced by an equally or more effective exercise using calisthenics exercises - and has found nothing so far...