FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Questions about skillworx parallettes:

What's the difference between the Raw and the Lucent Edition?
The only difference is that the Lucent Edition is finely lacquered, whereas the Raw Edition is not. Due to the lacquered finish, the Lucent Edition is more resistant to dirt and simply looks better in your living room :-). The Raw Edition on the other hand offers maximum grip, based on the wood's natural and untreated structure.

Will the parallettes have enough grip on the floor?
Yep, they will! A set of cork pads is part of the parallettes set, so no worries while doing your upside-down stuff on them - but please, still take care..! :-)

2. Will you ship to my country even though it is not listed?

Please drop a quick message to hey@skillworx.at or fill in the contact form - let's see if we can also organize shipping to your home country at costs which make sense!

3. Where is my package?

You receive a tracking link once your order has been shipped. In case you you are not sure how long the delivery of your package will take, please go to the shipping page and check out your country there.

4. Any other questions?

Get in touch with with Matthias via hey@skillworx.at or fill in the contact form!