Parallettes & Travellettes

We offer  8 different Parallettes and Travellettes models - 2 hold lengths, 2 hold heights and 2 editions (lacquered or or untreated). Choose your perfect pair!

Parallettes & Travellettes

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2 Hold Lengths | 2 Hold Heights

Parallettes & Travellettes: Dimensionenskillworx Travellettes - at 30 cm hold length - are developed around portability, for easy transport in your suitcase or backpack. You can disassemble them quickly by unscrewing the 4 bottom screws and taking off the pedestals.

skillworx Parallettes are primarily meant as a stationary training tool. Their ergonomic hold length of 55 cm enables you to perform two-armed exercises on just one parallette.

The lower, the harder: This is true for many parallettes exercises. That's why we offer our Parallettes and Travellettes with two different hold heights - 15 and 30 cm.

You may also purchase the holds and main pillars separately and therefore turn your Parallettes into Travellettes or Large into Small - or the other way round. Your can find more information below.

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Raw Edition | Lucent Edition

Raw Edition vs. Lucent EditionTo all purists, we recommend the Raw Edition with their maximum grip based on the natural, untreated wood used. In case you want your Travellettes or Parallettes to be more resistant to dirt, the Lucent Edition with its thinly lacquered wood - and still excellent grip - is your choice.

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No More Wobbling

Kein Wackeln mehrAdapt your bars to uneven floors by turning the pedestals by up to 10° - this is possible due to the obtuse angle of 100° between hold and main pillars.

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Premium Quality

Premium Qualität Being an Austrian company, we are one of very little brands that both develop and produce their products in Europe - handmade, of course. For maximum durability, we just use metal-metal links. Furthermore, we just use FSC certified beech wood from sustainable EU forestry.

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Facts & Figures

Hold diameter: 42 mm
Hold lengths: 30 cm | 55 cm
Hold heights: 15 cm | 30 cm
Width: 30 cm
Weight (pair): 3,0 kg (Travellettes Small) - 3,6 kg (Parallettes Large)
Max recommended load: 90 kg per piece | 180 kg per pair


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Download the PDF manual:

Parallettes & Travellettes Bedienungsanleitung herunterladen

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55 cm hold length, Small = 15 cm hold height, Large = 30 cm hold height, Raw = untreated, Lucent = lacquered


30 cm hold length, Small = 15 cm hold height, Large = 30 cm hold height, Raw = untreated, Lucent = lacquered.

Parallettes & Travellettes holds and main pillars

Transform your Parallettes into Travellettes and Large into Small - or the other way round!