This modular 3-in-1 calisthenics training station enables you to perform hundreds of different exercises with its three main functions - plyo boxes, high parallettes & dip- and leg raise station:

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Function 1: Plyo Boxes

Plyollettes Funktion 1: Plyo BoxenBy stacking the plyollettes elements on top of each other, you can cover heights of 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 cm. You can jump on top, but also use the different heights for developing various push-up variations.

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Function 2: High Parallettes x 2

Plyollettes Funktion 2: High Parallettes By turning the large and medium elements by 90 degrees, you will get two pairs of parallettes out of your plyollettes set - one pair for you and one for your workout buddy! Or you are a PT or physio therapist performing bodyweight exercises with your clients on a regular basis? Perfect match!

At a hold height of 57 cm, a hold length of 40 cm and more than enough room for your feet, you can cover the full range of parallettes exercises available. We use the ideal hold diameter of 42 mm which is equivalent to the diameter of classic parallel bars.

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Function 3: Dip & Leg Raise Station

Plyollettes Funktion 3: Dip- und BeinhebestationAlign the three U-shaped elements, and you get a fully functional dip and leg raise station. No need for another bulky piece of equipment taking away a lot of space in your exercise room!

skillworx Plyollettes sets and single elements are available in two editions: The Raw Editions are made of untreated laminated beech wood, whereas the Lucent Editions are thinly lacquered. Click on the products below to get more detailed information!

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Plyollettes sets

These are the full sets, including one Large, Medium and Small box at 45, 30 and 15 cm height as well as the cover. Raw = untreated, Lucent = lacquered.

Plyollettes Boxes

The box elements are available separately as well, with the Large box at 45 cm height being sold combined with the cover. Raw = untreated, Lucent = lacquered.

Plyollettes Accessories

The Plyollettes base mat made of rubbercork prevents your Plyollettes from slipping.