skillworx Handstand Blocks - Raw Edition (in stock from 6 March 2018)

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Purpose of Handstand Blocks

Handstand blocks were invented by handbalancing artists in circuses all around the globe as a tool used for their performances. They are used by them as an impressive demonstration of their superior handstand control, by e.g. building towers made of these wooden blocks in a handstand position. Besides being part of their performances, they are used as a very effective advanced training tool for building the necessary neuromuscular coordination and strength for one-arm handstands. Balancing on two handstand blocks is also an excellent way to improve general handstand coordination.

All Natural, All Austrian

skillworx is proud of being one of the very little brands that both produce and develop their products right in Europe - precisely in Austria, in the Alpine heart of Europe. Our producer uses the most advanced CNC milling machines available on the market - you can see the precision in each and every detail of our products. We keep our supply chain as lean as possible by not using any distributors or other middlemen. You are buying directly from us - this is how we manage to offer you premium products at an attractive price level.

Full Grip

Did you ever use wooden handstand blocks on a wooden or other kind of smooth floor? Well, guess what - you should not, as they will most likely slip away beneath you, which is not exactly ideal when performing a handstand. That's why we equip skillworx handstand blocks with a thin 3 mm layer of solid rubbercork, which will prevent the handstand blocks from slipping. As we chose wisely and therefore use a very stiff type of rubbercork, you can use a couple of handstand blocks on top of each other and will still have a very platform for your handstand training.

Durability & Sustainability

We use FSC certified laminated beech wood with European origin for the construction of our handstand blocks. FSC is the abbreviation for Forest Stewardship Council, which means that the wood we use comes from responsible, sustainable forestry.

Facts & Figures

  • Weight: 1,2 kg / 2,7 lbs
  • Length: 145 mm / 5,7 inches
  • Width: 95 mm / 3,7 inches
  • Height: 53 mm / 2,1 inches


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