skillworx Plyollettes Box L (45 cm) + Cover: Lucent Edition

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With the large Plyollettes box and cover, you get a 45 cm high plyo box to jump on or to use as a bench, which can be turned into high parallettes in no time - simply by flipping the box by 90 degrees and removing the cover. To guarantee that our Plyollettes elements are even ready for your craziest jumps, we only use 25 mm thick laminated beechwood for the base construction, the parallel bars are made of solid beechwood. As we are talking about the Lucent Edition here, the wood is finely lacquered, so its natural structure will still give you excellent grip in their high parallettes function - and their lacquered finish makes them look amazing in your living or workout room!

When using them as high parallettes, you get a hold height of 57 cm and a distance between the top of the two holds of 52 cm . We have tried various distances - this distance will suit almost anybody. Furthermore, you have got plenty of space for your legs (precisely: 46 cm between the top of the holds and the wooden frame on the ground), which is especially an advantage if you have just started to work on e.g. L-sit variations.

The top layer on the plyollettes cover is made of 6 mm thick rubbercork. This material is frequently used as fitness center flooring for its excellent shock absorption as its abrasion resistance - and therefore suits our needs perfectly. The rubbercork mat will absorb some of the impact of your jumps and serves as a rather soft base layer when using your plyollettes as bench for various kinds of exercises.

You are not sure if the distance between the parallel bars is the right one for you or regarding another detail about the plyollettes? Give Matthias a call and ask - and with our 100% money back guarantee, you are always on the safe side!