skillworx Plyollettes Set - Lucent Edition

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The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Calisthenics Kit

It took us quite a while to develop this nicely designed multi-purpose kit - and we are more than satisfied with the result: An extremely versatile, stable and durable piece of premium quality kit for bodyweight and calisthenics training - developed and produced in Austria! 

Here are the main functions that you get out of skillworx Plyollettes:

Function 1: Plyo Boxes

Plyollettes Funktion 1: Plyo Boxen

By stacking the plyollettes elements on top of each other, you can cover heights of 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 cm. You can jump on top, but also use the different heights for developing various push-up variations.

For example, if you want to work towards one-arm push-ups (OAPUs), it will not be a good idea to start right on the ground, as you need to slowly adapt your body to this movement. The best way to learn OAPUs is to start from an elevated platform and work yourself down towards the ground, slowly increasing the leverage. Using skillworx plyollettes, you will start at a height of 90 cm and go down to the ground in 15 cm steps, performing OAPUs under full control on each level.

Once you can do perfect OAPUs on the ground and they become too easy for your current level, you can start increasing leverage again by placing your feet on the plyollettes and then working your way up again, increasing the load on your arms and upper body step by step.


Function 2: High Parallettes x 2

Funktion 2: High Parallettes x 2

By turning the large and medium elements by 90 degrees, you will get two pairs of parallettes out of our plyollettes set - one pair for you and one for your workout buddy! Or you are a PT or physio therapist performing bodyweight exercises with your clients on a regular basis? Perfect match!

At a hold height of 57 cm, a hold length of 40 cm and more than enough room for your feet, you can cover the full range of parallettes exercises available. We also use a hold diameter of 40 mm, which is approximately the same diameter used for classic parallel bars for gymnasts at 41 mm.


Function 3: Dip & Leg Raise Station

Funktion 3: Dip- und Beinhebestation

Align the three U-shaped elements, and you get a fully functional dip and leg raise station. No need for another bulky piece of equipment taking away a lot of space in your exercise room!


Materials and Design

Plyollettes @Home

The single elements are made of 25 mm thick laminated beechwood, the holds are made of solid wood at a diameter of 40 mm. The Raw Edition is natural and untreated - the natural structure of the wood will maximise your grip when using them in their parallel bar function. Just FSC certified wood from sustainable European production is used.

The top mat is made of extremely robust rubbercork, which both absorbs some of the impact of your jumps and keeps you from slipping.

When the plyollettes are not in use, you can use them as decorative element in your living or training room!


Magnetic Connectors

Magnetische Verbindungen

In between the elements, we use magnetic connectors to guarantee that the elements stay safely top of each other when you perform your plyometric jumps and other crazy calisthenics stuff. Pease note that this picture shows the thinly lacquered Plyollettes Lucent Edition.


Facts & Figures: Plyo Box and Dip Station Function

Plyollettes Dimensionen

  • Possible heights (+ 3,1 cm for the cover): 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90 cm
  • Length: 61,2 cm
  • Width: 61,2 cm
  • Weight: 42 kg total (11 kg per box + 9 kg for the cover)

Facts & Figures: Parallettes Function

  • Plyollettes - Dimensionen Parallettes Funktion
  • Hold height: 57 cm
  • Hold length: 25 cm (Box M) or 40 cm (Box L)
  • Hold width: 52 cm
  • Weight: 11 kg per box

You are not sure if the distance between the parallel bars is the right one for you or regarding another detail about the plyollettes? Give Matthias a call and ask - and with our 100% money back guarantee, you are always on the safe side!